We pay our rates and taxes and get nothing back!

Dear T.T online,
Just read your article on 30 places in UK to achieve age friendly status for older people.
Well I would like to say that we who live in Livermead Torquay have had our bus service taken away, the 60/61

The Torbay Community Trust took over the service on the 3rd of April 2018 and finished it on 8th December 2018 saying they had no more funds!.

At the start they had money from the council-quite a large amount, which went on buying very old buses that kept braking down?.

They said that they are trying to help us with a bus run with volunteer drivers if we pay so much a week (£6.50 a week) to support the Livermead bus.

The people who have a bus to Paignton / Preston don’t pay!

We that live in Livermead have a bus once a day from Totnes to Sainsbury’s, but a lot of older people cannot walk down the hill to catch it so they are not going out so much ,they have to pay for Taxis to go to Doctors, The Hospital and Shopping.

All you get is it’s council cut backs! We pay our rates and taxes and get nothing back!

Mrs Harvey- Torquay