Artizan Gallery Celebrates Torbay’s Young Artist’s Work!

Facilitated by community arts leader and educator, Claire Harmer, Artizan Gallery welcomes students from the Medical Tuition Service, Torbay in a group exhibition of student work showcasing projects from 2019.

Celebrating the creative work of Torbay’s young artists, the main exhibition space will display the final realizations of independent projects from the 2019 GCSE group, ten students who through a range of media including digital, installation and photography, have explored their own ideas in the course. In addition, the Gallery’s newly reopened Courtyard Gallery space will host carefully selected works from students aged between ten and fifteen to share with the public. The works will be accompanied by the students’ own words and will offer an insight into their creative journeys.

“We’re delighted to be able to work with Claire to bring this opportunity to students. The opportunity to take pride in the creativity of a future generation of artists is central to the ethos of our work and we hope this will be a great opportunity to give some young people their first taste of exhibiting work publicly.” Julie Brandon, Artizan Gallery

Following the showcase of students work, Claire will display a retrospective exhibit of her own practice entitled ‘Chapters’, offering insight into her journey as an artist an educator from 2006 to the present. “Commencing with ‘Cathedral Cove’ an oil painting executed in New Zealand, 2006,  the exhibition showcases a selection of works exploring distinct periods in my artistic career,” says Claire, “During my time there, I was energised by the creativity among the people I met  and overwhelmed by the brilliant daylight and beauty of the landscape. It was at this time that the urge to paint transformed from a desire to a necessity.”

Featuring an eclectic mix of work including landscape oil paintings, print making, mixed media, character illustrations and sketchbook studies, the exhibition is explored in significant phases; time spent in New Zealand, Surrey, Kent and finally Torbay, the birth of her two children and diverse roles in the education sector. Throughout, Claire’s desire to create and share has underlined her practice, from tutoring in the local community of Tokoroa in New Zealand, through to her current commitment to the Medical Tuition Service in Torbay. For Claire these two waypoints, Torbay and New Zealand, are nostalgically linked by the presence of the Cabbage Tree, also known as the Torbay Palm, which continue to feature in her landscapes today.

The MTS Student Exhibition 2019, will run from 18th-19th June. For more information visit Chapters, will run from 21st – 29th June with a closing view June 28th, 18:00-20:00.  For more information visit For more information on Artizan Gallery visit or for what to expect in 2019 head to

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