Do you meditate? Do you fully understand the health benefits?

It’s very easy to not bother but it can help in ways you just couldn’t imagine. Confession time. I struggle. I get a juicy thought and then another and before I know it my time is up. Then I start to have this conversation going on inside of my head saying what a waste of time that was and why bother. If I’m lucky I can let the juicy thought pass without taking part for too long but then I need to act on it and it must be done immediately or I’ll forget. 

The idea with meditation is to allow your thoughts to float on by without engaging with them. It’s very rare for someone to meditate with a totally still mind. It’s the ability to just let them go like a cloud passing in the sky that’s key. It’s hard! 

However, I’ve found something that REALLY helps and it’s free as well. A friend recommended an App for my phone called InsightTimer and it has made such a difference to me. The App allows you to set reminders, a little sound, throughout your meditation and when you hear that noise you know to bring your attention back to your breath. There are lots and lots of different meditations to chose from but I’ve created my own with bird song as the background, a little bell twinkling every minute to remind me to let go of the juicy thought and a beautiful gong at the end. I started off with the reminder every 20 seconds but it was very easy to work up to a minute and I’m just about to change that to slightly longer.

Many of these types of free App’s are only free for a starter pack but this one offers the largest free library of guided meditations on earth and the world’s most loved meditation Timer, for free. That’s the one I use.

Are you going to give it a try?