“Kiss and Make Up” – For the good of the Bay

Torbay’s Liberal Democrat Councillors are calling on the Bay’s Conservative Councillors to bury the hatchet and unite for the good of the Bay.

A Conservative Group Motion calling on the Conservative Mayor to resign will be debated at Thursday’s full council meeting on 20th July.

Paignton Liberal Democrat Councillor Adrian Sanders says the two Conservative groups need to kiss and make up for the good of the bay.

“Bringing their disunity into the public arena in this way brings the Council into disrepute and damages the bay’s reputation in the eyes of stakeholders and potential investors.

“The legislation relating to the Mayor provides no mechanism for reducing his or her term of office. I know this as I sat on the bill committee when Labour set up elected mayors. I proposed a mechanism to allow the people to recall a mayor they were unhappy with, but neither the Government, nor the Conservative opposition agreed.

“We had a referendum to change the system in 2016 and the people voted to make this Mayor the last. We didn’t have a referendum to end the Mayor’s term straight away because we couldn’t, as the legislation states the Mayor serves for a four-year term.

“In under two years elected Mayors will be history in Torbay. A little patience is needed. I’ll happily Chair a meeting over a pot of tea between the leading members of both factions to seek a rapprochement, I’ll even bring some cakes.”

He also added: “The only people who should be able to vote any elected representative out of office are the people who elected them into office in the first place. Anything else is a corruption of our democracy.”

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