Liberal Democrats and Independents set to take control of Torbay Council

A historic partnership is set to be signed on Friday 17th May 2019 between the eight Independents and the thirteen Liberal Democrats on Torbay Council to manage the cash-strapped authority.  This follows elections earlier this month that left no party in overall control of the council.  Fifteen Conservatives were elected out of 36 councillors making them the largest single group.  However, they have failed to establish a coalition with any other party on Torbay Council to give the stability necessary  to ensure a strong administration for Torbay.

In the medium term resource plan, officers of Torbay Council have identified eighteen million pounds worth of Conservative government cuts and budget pressures that the council will have to deal with.

The leader of the Liberal Democrats on Torbay Council, Steve Darling, said: “We have drafted a Memorandum of Understanding with the Independents that we hope will give us a firm foundation to further many of the aspirations we campaigned on, such as more jobs, more affordable housing, tackling climate change, involving our communities and hence turning the tide on poverty in Torbay.  Over the last fifteen years, the Conservatives have put off difficult decisions which we will now have to tackle as a partnership.  We are pleased that through our negotiations with the Independents we have been able to establish much common ground.”

The leader of the Independent group, Vic Ellery, said:   “ This strong partnership based on shared values and aspirations will mark the start of a new era in Torbay, where the residents and their wishes are at the forefront of everything we do. Community engagement, and improving our housing and deprived areas and regenerating our towns and the economy. will ensure Torbay has a bright future for generations to come”

The partnership has agreed to establish a cabinet, with the leader of the Liberal Democrats on Torbay Council as Leader of the Council and the Independent Daren Cowell as  Deputy Leader of the Council.  There will be three Independents and four Liberal Democrats in the cabinet.

The partnership will hit the ground running with  plans for town centre regeneration, boosting job opportunities in Torbay and getting the council on a firmer financial footing.   Its members plan to change the culture of the council so that it is more outward looking and engages better with its communities.  The new council plans to take significant strides to tackle climate change.


Contact Steve Darling 07736658666 or Vic Ellery 07891889001



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