May Events @ Kingskerwell Church

The Henhouse Prowlers May 14th KingskerswellChurch Doors 7pm.

Direct from Chicago to Kingskerswell ! The Henhouse Prowlers are Bluegrass Ambassadors.

Founded over 13 years ago with the simple desire to play original and powerful bluegrass, this quartet now finds themselves at the intersection of performance, diplomacy and education.

The Prowlers have now been to more than 25 countries across the globe, working with the U.S. State Department and under their own nonprofit, Bluegrass Ambassadors – incorporating music from Africa, Asia, the Middle East and more into their already robust repertoire of unique traditional American music.

On stage, in workshops and wherever they are, the Henhouse Prowlers find and spread the commonality we share as human beings through the universal language of music.

You can feel it at every show.

May 11th, The Lost Sound – Dartmoor Folk Choir, have had a busy year of concerts and, with the release of their first single, have had airplay with Folk stations around the UK. They have also been featured on the Fatea showcase album for Spring 2019, and are busy recording their first EP, due for release in May.
This seasons programme, ‘Loving Folk,’ draws on a wider range of a cappella singing traditions from simple shaker songs to gutsy blues, from male voice choir to the sweet music from the Appalachian Mountains. With ensembles, trios and the full throated power of 35 singers, the choir brings you a varied and beautiful song collection.

The Lost Sound is perhaps better known as the backing choir with Show Of Hands, recently joining them at The Theatre Royal, in Plymouth. They will be working together again, at St Ives September Festival. 
As a stand alone choir, with many sell out gigs under their belt, they have gained a reputation on the South West Folk scene for their inimitable style and quality of performance. With fantastic singing, beautiful song collections and an informal style, this acclaimed Dartmoor choir will leave a marked impression on both new and faithful audience members
May12th A New Live Documentary Performance from Will Kaufman
Woody Guthrie and “Old Man Trump” Kingskerswell parish Church Doors 7pm

In December 1950, Woody Guthrie moved his family into a new apartment in Brooklyn’s Beach Haven. His new landlord, it turned out, was none other than Fred Trump, father of the US president.
 Over 60 years later, Donald Trump would proclaim on the campaign trail: “My legacy is my father’s legacy.” It was, among other things, a legacy of corruption and race-hatred. Woody Guthrie soon found this out. As he wrote:
    I suppose
    Old Man Trump knows
    Just how much
    Racial Hate
    he stirred up
    In the bloodpot of human hearts
    When he drawed
    That color line
    Here at his
    Eighteen hundred family project
*     *     *
Will Kaufman – singer, multi-instrumentalist, and Professor of American Studies – is recognised as the world’s leading authority on Woody Guthrie. He is the author of Woody Guthrie, American Radical (2011), Woody Guthrie’s Modern World Blues (2017), and Mapping Woody Guthrie (forthcoming 2019).
 In 2014, Will discovered, buried in the archives, Guthrie’s previously unpublished song lyrics and other writings condemning Fred Trump’s racism. He has now turned these discoveries into a new music and spoken-word presentation, following on from his celebrated shows, Woody Guthrie: Hard Times and Hard Travelin’ and Woody Guthrie: The Long Road to Peekskill.
 Woody Guthrie and “Old Man Trump”  brings to life all the anger and contempt that Guthrie felt for those in power who will deny justice to their fellow human beings on account of the color of their skin. Against the backdrop of Guthrie’s racial awakening and emergent activism, Will introduces such previously unheard songs as “Trump Made a Tramp Out of Me” and “Beach Haven Ain’t My Home,” along with a host of other Guthrie songs about racial injustice and struggle. All in all, we hear Woody Guthrie speaking and singing from beyond the grave, warning us about the dangers of ignoring and repeating history.
Listen up all you Jim Crow fascists and you race-hate mongers, too:
Will Kaufman is a-comin’ and he’s got his eye on you.
Won’t brake for no excuses, won’t stand no messin’ around,
Your bigot ways can’t save you ’cause Will Kaufman’s gonna run you down.- Ry Cooder
‘No one can understand the American people without listening to Woody Guthrie. Will Kaufman’s doing important work here.  – Tom Paxton

‘I thank Will Kaufman for introducing a new generation of Europeans to “the other America.” It’s a wonderful job he’s doing. – Pete Seeger

‘Will presents this exhilarating show in the fastest hour and a half you are likely to witness when you consider the breadth and depth of his subject. He performs Woody’s songs with great skill and understanding, playing the guitar, banjo and fiddle with enviable panache and brio. His presentation is accomplished with great musicality, wit, honesty, and compassion.  – Ralph McTell

‘I so appreciate all of your efforts to take his legacy further. Who knows where he’ll end up! – Nora Guthrie