My Best Friend by Gill Kirkby


My Best Friend

At just five years old, you’d kept out the cold
You’d warmed me with beautiful eyes
And we would endeavour to stay friends forever
To go through the lows and the highs.

At school they’d poke fun, they’d laugh and then run
My best friend was you I would say
As I’d held your hand, they’d not understand
What comfort you gave me each day.

My secrets and fears, the laughter and tears
Were shared with you, my lovely friend
Confiding in you, then when I’d felt blue
You’d comfort me and I would soon mend.

As we both got older, and I got much bolder
I’d dated, but often felt pain
My heart sometimes broken, though no words were spoken
You’d put me together again.

The passing of years saw an end to those tears
When I’d found the right man I’d see
Those beautiful eyes that couldn’t disguise
The joy that you’d felt just for me.

My own daughter’s five, she’s vibrant, alive
She knows about you, and is ready
Though old and in tatters, she’ll love you – that matters
As I do. My best friend. My teddy.

Gill Kirkby