My Mother Said -By Sue Mullinger-

  Lisa was having coffee with her best friend June. The former was talking about her late mother Sarah.

     “She didn’t receive the best education. Mother’s family lived in an English village. There was only one school with two classrooms. She shared a teacher with her three older sisters.”

     “Families were much bigger in her time” remarked June “My father was one of seven brothers, all of them became coal miners and spent their working lives underground.”

     “A lack of education did not stop mother, she would often make bold statements, using old wives tales’ to make her point. In-fact I cannot remember a day without a proverb, sometimes used in the correct way! Passing her lips!”

     “She certainly was an interesting character. Do you recall when I came to your house and asked if you could come and play outside? Jo was with me and the three of us were in stitches when your mum said alright but do not come running to me Lisa if you break your legs!”

     “Another favourite was many a slip between cup and lip. I’m not sure that is even the right words but this would be spoken, always loudly at every family occasion!”

     “I’m sure there was another saying your mother used whenever she was making sandwiches, it was something about butter?”

    “Oh I know the one you mean. Butter goes bad twice each year. In winter when butter is too hard to spread and again in summer when it runs away from the knife.”

     “I suppose she was right! Sarah did have her own way of doing things!”

     “Once she embarrassed me at school without realising what she had done!”

     “What did she do?”

     “She wrote a letter to excuse me from P. E. but did not use any punctuation! Only one full stop at the end. After that I decided I would write my own letters!”

     “I remember you always got away with it!”

     “Yes because the teachers’ believed I had written the badly composed note, well written letters had to be from mother but as it gets closer to Mothering Sunday I have been thinking about her own saying. A saying that had many perplexed! “

     “Oh that saying!”

      “Yes, I don’t rarely often as in I seldom go to the theatre or I do not make many visits to the beach. I would go as far as to say, my mother, Sarah, was unique but an unforgettable person to the people she encountered.”