Pleasing Sight -By Sue Mullinger –

“Mrs Jones please, Mrs Rita Jones” the young man called approaching the waiting area.

     Rita stood and with a smile walked towards the man.

     Looking befuddled, the latter asked the woman “Are you Mrs Rita Jones?”

     “Yes I am!”

     “Follow me please I’m your optician this morning. I’m using the room in the far corner.”

     The man whose name was Rob, suggested Rita place her shopping bags and walking stick on a plastic chair. She could then sit in a large leather seat.

     “I’m certain my colleagues have given me the wrong notes for you Mrs Jones. Can you please tell me your date of birth?”

     Rita feeling slightly bemused recited her birth date.

     “But that makes you over sixty years of age!” said the optician.

     “I know; sounds awful when said aloud and it’s all downhill from now!” Rita chortled.

     “Don’t be too hard on yourself – the reason I was surprised when you stood up in the waiting area was because only yesterday my client was very excited about her impending sixtieth birthday! I would not be lying if I said she could pass for your mother!”

     “Thank-you” said Rita “Let’s hope after this examination my eyes will also belie my age!”

     The young optician not previously seen by Rita carried out various tests.

     “Amazing” he remarked at the finish. “Mrs Jones you have twenty, twenty, vision in one eye and almost perfect eyesight in the other. You do not require glasses at this time. I do not know what you are doing but keep it up because it is working well. I will not have to examine your eyes again for two years unless you experience any problems.”

     “I will look forward to that young man!”

     Rita left the shop with a spring in her step. When I get home, I will have to telephone the family and tell them about this young looking woman with the good eyesight!  

     “It seems to me” her youngest daughter said “That it is Rob the optician, who needs his eyes tested!”