Selection of poems from Sue


It was raining, I wondered what to do!

I could repair an ornament with glue.

Where had I put it? Didn’t have a clue!

But changing that thought, I could sweep the floor,

Closed cupboard, with my battered broom swept floor.

By table lay glue – not noticed before.

Then I remembered knocking it to ground!

Now I was happy the tube had been found.

Loudly I sang as I fixed broken hound.


Christmas Shopping in May

I told myself I can never start too early,

And have carrier bags littering the floor!

If I do not buy bargains, I won’t be ready!

But there is plenty of room for several more.

It may only be May but paintings are half price,

I have bought a lot for friends and close family.

Best painting for special mate depicts cats and mice’

Even bought myself painting of an angry sea.

In early summer madness – sales everywhere,

Spending long time browsing in shop aisles can be fun!

Enter shops with large bags – brush away strands of hair,

While others are roasting in red rays of the sun.

As I drag the full bags down the step off the bus,

I smile as I realise all Christmas gifts been bought.

I think really cannot understand last minute fuss,

The jobs done without leaving my local resort.



An Odd Couple

“…. and the bus is quicker. Sit back love and enjoy the journey.”

“I wish I could”.

     The oracle gave her companion a filthy look. I, Joanne was trying to find a way passed her overhanging bulk to reach an empty seat. Pushing forwards I dragged my heavy bags and found a seat directly behind the overgrown woman and her stick thin companion.

     “I still think the boat would have been better! You know I don’t like travelling by bus!” the lady remarked.

      This was spoken at foghorn volume to the detriment of all bus passengers. Across the aisle, I saw lady holding a hand over her mouth.

     “It’s a beautiful day! We could have sailed alone and not mixed with this lot!”

     The man attempted to move but lack of space prevented him.

     “We’d have had more room on the boat” the lady remarked “I could have stretched my legs. They’ve always been my best feature!”

     The lady tugged at the hem of her dress, it had risen above her knees, she attempted to pull it down. 

     Woman passenger opposite was silently wiping her eyes with a tissue.

     “I love fresh air and I hate buses! You know you look good in your hat, the one we bought in Plymouth with the word captain in gold lettering.”

     “Yes! But the boat is noisy and though the sun is shining it would have been cold today out at sea! This is a quiet way to travel”.

     “If only” announced a fellow passenger.

     A snigger was heard from the woman opposite. Sorry she mouthed Sorry. Suddenly

     “Our stop dear, push the button.”

     “How? I can’t reach, can’t move my arms!” 

     A pink material decked arm tried to reach behind to press the bell. Seeing her struggling I pushed it. She thanked me and then surprisingly agile for her build rose at great speed. Her companion let blood flow through his released body before stretching and standing.

     When the odd couple dismounted the bus there was a collective sigh from fellow travellers; harmony restored.