Taking your MOT before your car service could save you a lot of time and money. -By Dean Adams-

Car owners up and down the country are potentially wasting hundreds of pounds during their car service if a technician finds multiple issues with a vehicle – and it’s easily avoidable by planning in your car maintenance.

A car service isn’t the cheapest or the most look forward to entry on your calendar, but taking your MOT test before your service could potentially save you hundreds of pounds in labour costs.

New research by scrapcarcomparison.co.uk says 75% of the problems highlighted in a service would be found during an MOT, which costs a maximum of £54.85. This figure is compared to an average national labour cost of £82 during a car service which will duplicate the finds of an MOT and add time and money to your service bill.

An MOT test prior to your service will cover you for the likes of emissions, brakes, tyres, suspension and steering and will also take into account the bodywork condition of a vehicle. Lights and wipers are also other common parts checked during an MOT which are also checked during a service. And that will leave a service inspection for your car at a lower labour cost as they will check your oils, filters and spark plugs as all your other issues would be dealt with during the MOT.

With the average MOT taking an hour and set at a maximum of £54.85 this means an hour’s worth of labour could be saved during a service, preventing a duplication of checks and work that could have already been covered by the cost of an MOT.

A spokesperson for scrapcarcomparison.co.uk said: “Our research has found that many motorists are paying twice the cost for their cars being checked over.

“We found not many drivers think about it but it makes so much more sense requesting your MOT before a service is due.

“We found that 75% of the issues uncovered during a service would have been picked up upon by a MOT technician.

“Always book your service in just after your MOT. It could save an hour’s worth of labour cost from your service bill.”

If you drive a car with dangerous faults or that’s unroadworthy, you can be fined £2,500, be banned from driving and get three points on your licence.


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