The Storm by -Gill Kirkby-


A noise at first a grumble, then deepened to a rumble
Black clouds warned of a gathering storm offshore
Defiant from the start, it would prove to have no heart
It moved inland. This storm was waging war.

Dark skies lit up by lightning, ominous and frightening
Hissed and spat in forks of flashing light
A deadly crackling sound saw tendrils touching ground
The storm revealed it’s next great show of might.

The black clouds split and burst, releasing drops at first
With pace increasing, rainfall flow was raised
Dry earth just could not cope, and people gave up hope
As waters rose, they saw their lives erased.

The wind whipped up and howled, it ranted and it growled
It’s anger knew no bounds, and more was lost
With thirst for ruin sated, the gale force wind abated
A job well done, it would not count the cost.

The storm attacked for hours, displaying all it’s powers
Thunder, lightning, rain, ran wild and free
With very little warning, as daylight broke next morning
Sunshine forced the storm back out to sea.

Gill Kirkby