Training alongside Devon Air Ambulance Trust

The Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) crews recently visited the Devon Air Ambulance Trust (DAAT) airbase at Exeter airport for training on working alongside the air ambulance at an incident.


Dave Dungay clinical manager for DAAT said: “We are delighted to welcome USAR to our air base, especially as we do so much training together at Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service headquarters. This visit is about giving something back. Today I’ve carried out a session on aircraft awareness around the helicopter, plus hints and tips as to how USAR can assist us at an incident ensuring easier collaboration ensuring at a real incident that things can run much smoother.

“For example the selection of access for ideal landing sights is something we can’t always see from the air. We might be able to land and then find we are blocked from actually reaching the incident by a locked gate or some shrubbery. These guys now can help us select the appropriate landing site ensuring we have access to the casualties as fast as possible. A really useful session.”

Colin Sharp, National Resilience Watch Manager explained: This has been part of our continued collaboration training with DAAT and coincides with our required training with the voluntary groups when collecting casualties at an incident. Over the next few months the whole crew will take the training, furthering their knowledge and ensuring they are operationally safe working around the helicopter. Robust collaborative training means each service gains from each other’s skills and expertise.”