UK motorists are fibbing to their partners on how they wrote off their cars -By Dean Adams-

Almost a quarter of UK motorists has written off a car during their lifetime – and even fib to their partners on how it happened, new research has revealed.

And men are twice as likely to be at fault for a collision compared to women.

An astonishing 33% of male drivers have written-off their car and scrapped it but it appears the truth on how it happened may just be less than forthcoming, with men more than twice as likely as women to lie about the details of the incident.

48% of men have admitted to not telling the truth about how an incident happened compared to that of 22% of women.

And incredibly 19% of motorists have even asked their children to tell a fib to their other parent on how an incident happened!

New research taken by revealed customers have used excuses ranging from cows walking out into a country lane causing an accident to wasps flying through a window into the car!

A spokesperson for the comparison website said: “Some of the reasons people write-off cars are genuine, having been in a serious accident. But not all are as they seem!

“We’ve had one man who was driving too fast and lost control of his partner’s car. He told his wife two wasps flew into the car causing him to be distracted – even though it was January and freezing cold, out of wasp season!

“We also had one man who crashed his car into a lamppost on a busy road. He told his wife a cow had walked out in front of him on a country road causing him to hit a road sign, and he even came in putting grass, earth and twigs around the bumpers and lights before she came in to see it!”


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