Waste and Recycling Collections

Dear T.T. Editor,

Opposition Liberal Democrats on Torbay Council are demanding answers over the latest period of delays in waste and recycling collection in Torbay since the  Christmas break. The leader of the Liberal Democrats on Torbay Council. Steve Darling, said:

“Residents are reasonable people, and so with the history of problems with waste and recycling collection in Torbay, over the last two years they expect some level of disruption.

However, now it is two weeks after the festive break residents feel that waste collection should be back on track.  Leaving waste and recycling outside for days results in littering of our streets and unnecessary obstacles for people such as wheelchair users or guide dog owners.  I am aware that TOR2 have an emergency plan to get collections working properly again but if this is being activated then it is not having the impact one would hope.”

The Torquay Councillor went on to say: “TOR2 have announced a number of back office redundancies.  We are concerned that these reductions in capacity could be affecting the ability of the organisation to service the communities in Torbay.  I plan to meet with officers to explore this problem and demand some clear deadline to get back on track with this bread and butter service.”

Contact Steve Darling – 07736658666

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