What do you know about 5G? -By Julie Harrison-

What do you know about 5G? Are you believing what the media is telling you about faster speeds and that it’s a simple upgrade to 4G, just like 3G was? If so you might want to keep reading. This is most definitely not the case. Even the Express newspaper on the 2nd May was raising serious concerns.

5G is using a different type of millimetre frequency technology which has never been used previously or tested in populated areas. Where it has been used there has been notable degradation of animal, insect, bird and vegetation life.  This specific MMF technology was originally designed for the military as a weapon. For this technology to be used in public areas the current government guidelines for radiation levels have been secretly increased.  You can’t have drugs that are untested so why should this technology be unleashed on the whole world without testing. 20,000 satellites are being launched into space to ensure that whole world coverage will happen.

Hundreds of scientist throughout the world have signed a petition to get this technology tested and some cities and areas have put the brakes on until research is done due to emerging health concerns.

Take 5 minutes and watch this little clip to find out more –


A number of people have contacted me about 5G with concerns about their health. Many are feeling helpless and are unsure if they can do anything. My answer is a huge YES! To start with you need to talk to your friends and family. I’m pretty sure they will be believing all the media hype.  I’ve got a little routine I follow.

1. I ask the person if they think 5G is just an upgrade to 4G. Everyone so far has said yes (scary).

2. I then say that it’s using untested technology on the whole world using previous unused bandwidth. The technology just happens to be based on weapons of mass destruction as well and has been used for crowd control.

3. Ask if they want more information. So far everyone has. Depending on how the conversation goes I share the video – 5G in 5 Minutes, above. I then offer to forward various unbiased articles.


It’s easy to feel lost and helpless but actually, we still can stop this. Start talking to people and get them asking questions.

If you’d like any more information about 5G, please email me at julie@getseriouslyhealthy.com and I’ll forward it to you.