WHAT HAPPENED? -By Gill Kirkby-

What Happened ?

With last night now a blur, a mouth that’s full of fur
Wakes you up and you just want to hide
The room is far too bright, makeup’s glued eyes tight
Your stomach’s on a roller coaster ride.

Next time the room comes round, your feet touch solid ground
Prising eyes apart, you shake your head
Wobbly legs awaken, and to the loo you’re taken
You’re not convinced the face you see’s not dead.

That awful hair is tangled, so strangely stiff and angled
Your neck is stiff, your head exudes a throb
A handful of white pills you hope will cure all ills
Are swallowed.  But then you spot the mob.

Are they already dead?  On floors and every bed
Legs and arms are splayed, all movement lost
Furnishings are tattered, food and drinks are splattered
Had there been a riot and at what cost?

With sweats and shakes you fear, the reek of wine and beer
Could send your upset stomach quickly reeling
Wet party hats are rotted, and yards of streamers knotted
Balloons have popped, or dangle from each ceiling.

Your head’s begun to clear, movements then appear
A lightbulb is turned on and you recall
That you helped trash this place, ‘cos you were off your face
And this is not your own house after all!

Gill Kirkby