£500,000 lottery funded project to tackle the challenges of growing up in Torbay.

Children and young people are to come under the spotlight in a £500,000 lottery funded project to tackle the challenges they face growing up in Torbay.

Twenty four different voluntary sector groups have come together led by the Torbay Community Development Trust to look at children’s services across the bay to improve the lives of children, young people and families.

Children’s services in Torbay have been in crisis for more than a decade despite repeated Ofsted inspections, special measures and Ministerial oversight, problems made worse by continuing ‘austerity.’ 

The Imagine this… partnership want to stand shoulder to shoulder with their statutory sector partners to find new ways to make the lives of Torbay’s children and young people better.

Of the 25,000 children living here, more than one in five are living in poverty; the number living in care is twice the national average as are the numbers of children requiring child protection plans.

The Imagine this…. Partnership want to put children and young people in the lead, finding creative ways to support them to have a louder voice in Torbay about what they think would make their lives better. 

The partnership has already consulted children and young people about what they think needs to change and, in line with  their recommendations, have come up with an ambitious plan to design new activities, support older young people and create more “safe” places for young people to spend time together.

Tanny Stobart and Johanna Morrell, the new Imagine This Partnership managers, are passionate about strengthening the role of the voluntary sector in making Torbay a better place for children and young people to grow up, and feel that the voluntary sector has a crucial role in reaching children and young people who are often considered “hard to reach”.

The partnership has an ambitious vision to support young people’s charities and projects in Torbay to work together instead of competing for funding, and for larger national charities to support some of our smaller, community- based organisations who struggle to survive in times of austerity:

“Torbay has some incredible community based projects and practitioners working against the odds with children, young people and their families in Torbay. They often manage to change the lives of young people they work with in powerful ways, but their work is largely unsung,” said Johanna

“We want to support and strengthen the incredible work that they do and shout from the rooftops about the skills and dedication of our voluntary sector partners, and to ensure that their future is secure by joining forces in order to bring more charitable and trust funding in to Torbay.”


For more information or for interviews please contact Johanna Morrell on 07954 105566

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