But this will be first and last one with no comments from me on this any further, i will comment on Brexit but will answer no more questions as to why I voted to leave.

I was born in 1957 and luckily, I was brought up, in a multicultural society. I can remember the wonderful happy people from Jamaica arriving and getting work in hospitals and transport, i also remember the jokes (as they were then as well) i also remember the Indians, and Pakistani people coming over and helping us in our mills and down our mines. My best friend in secondary school was black, and I have had more than one severe beating through the years because I have never seen color, i have been called an N****R lover and a P***I lover . I had both Indian and Pakistani girlfriends when i was in my teens, much to the disgust of older brothers and dads, but i could run quicker then. Then came the irish jokes, the jokes about the Polish and so on.

With a name like Mc Namara, I remember the Troubles Vividly and brought up in a household that played Irish music every weekend ( My Family are from County Clare)

I witnessed decimalization and the joining of the common market, as it was then. I have witnessed many conflicts, Falklands, Iraq, Afganistan (I never served) and the likes and i have also witnessed govt after govt failing the people of the UK, lying cheating and only looking after themselves, I have stood side by side on the picket lines with the miners, facing down thundering horses and the likes, I have been a shop steward, (But was never a fan of the closed shop ) I have worked in a cotton Mill in one of the noisiest environments on this earth as it was then.

SO, what’s my POINT ??

My point is, I, like thousands of others, have spent YEARS thinking about what it would be like to come out of Europe, and not be browbeaten by faceless beuarocrats and to get our own independence back. Do you know ST PATRICKS DAY is celebrated with Vigour ALL Over the world, The Scottish are such a proud people and so proud of where they come from. Whilst here in England we have watched as our rights have been taken away, we have listened in amazement at some of the most ridiculous rules to come out of Europe, we have seen our fishing fleet in turmoil because of incredibly stupid quotas and putting dead fish back into the sea. I could go on and on !!

But for years we have been thinking ” Do you Know? if ever we get the chance to get out of this nightmare will! . And guess what ?? We did !! we had thought about this, years before anybody had ever heard of Farage, Johnson, Rees Mogg or god forbid Corbyn (And that hurts being a labor lad for so long ) but i am being totally honest here.

My vote had nothing to do with any of these people, or racism, or border control; and the likes, my decision, as was like 1000s of others has been coming for years and years.

How dare anybody says that we didn’t know what we were voting for, HOW DARE they say we are racists and follow like sheep !! And how dare they think we don’t know what we are talking about after living 62 years on the great earth and witnessing what we have !!!

THESE are the reasons why i voted to, leave, I will not be repeating this again and you can throw as many stats, facts and figures at me as you want, it matters not, my decision and my decision only has been coming for years and that’s all there is to it.


NORRMS xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx