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Liberal Democrat councillor Mandy Darling is set to propose that Torbay develop a “Clean Streets Charter,” to help those with both sensory and physical disabilities as they navigate our town centres in Torbay. The Torquay councillor, who is a guide dog user, said: “Many people take the simple task of going into town to visit a couple of shops for granted.  When you have a physical or sensory disability this can be made significantly more challenging because of thoughtless acts by people who do not realise the consequences, such as parking on pavements or inappropriately placed advertising boards.  I hope that by adopting such a charter Torbay can be a better place for visitors and residents alike.”

Her fellow Liberal Democrat Torquay councillor, Nick Pentney said:  “On the whole, I find that local traders will bend over backwards to support such initiatives as this.  We just need the council to develop an action plan to make this aspiration for Torbay a reality.”

The Motion is as follows:-Getting around a busy area such as Torbay can prove to be a real challenge for anyone affected by sight loss or mobility problems.  All pavement clutter has an adverse effect on confidence and mobility and the more difficult it is for people to get around, the less freedom and opportunity people have to participate in their local community, which can lead to feelings of isolation.  By working together with the Highway Authority we can seek to ensure that our town centres, shopping precincts and residential streets are as clear and free from obstacles as possible.

Torbay’s open spaces and town centres have become increasingly cluttered, posing an ever increasing challenge for those with sight impairments or mobility problems.  This council therefore requests the Interim Director of Place to develop a Clear Streets Charter which sets out a list of actions and commitments which everyone involved agrees to abide by.  That the list of actions and commitments should include but not be limited to:

  • Advertising boards, street and café furniture
  • Wheeled bins and refuse/recycling containers
  • Overhanging shrubbery and branches
  • Parking on pavements
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • New council developments: shared space
  • Multi-Use paths
  • Streetworks

That an update on the development of a Clear Streets Charter be presented to the Policy Development and Decision Group (Joint Operations Team) on 1 April 2019

Contact Mandy Darling 07919566606

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