Dancing by Gill Kirkby


Forget the waltz and tango, the cha cha and fandango
And ballerinas balancing on toes
While staring open jawed, we can be overawed
So do our own thing. This is how it goes.

For those who like line dancing, with fancy steps and prancing
Not knowing right from left comes at a cost
With bumping and collisions, and badly made decisions
Confusion reigns and everyone gets lost.

With line dancers nursing wounds, a barn dance to old tunes
Begins. Soon everything is wrecked
One couple here’s at fault, as an unexpected halt
Creates a startling domino effect.

For those with pep and vim, and risking life and limb
There’s always rock‘n’roll, and fans are wowed
Fast turns, then there’s a blip, as someone’s missed a grip
A whirling dervish zooms toward the crowd.

Not wise though maybe older, a drink may make some bolder
Head banging, twisting, and then perhaps the bump
Smooth movements they are seeking. They fail ‘cos joints are creaking
While blood flow to the heart is slow to pump.

By now there’s always one to show you how it’s done
“Dad dancing” out of sync, he’ll strut his stuff
Off tune he’ll loudly sing, as limbs do their own thing
The crowd’s relieved when he runs out of puff.

Modern dancing’s jumping, arms in the air, bass thumping
Crushed toes, stray elbows seeking out the weak
This energy and action, means some could end in traction
It’s strangely entertaining every week.