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It’s free, feels amazing and takes just minutes to do. What more can you ask for? Just bear in mind that it’s the UVA rays that cause skin cancer and the UVB rays which help form vitamin D. UVA rays are always there but the UVB rays are only when the sun’s at it’s most powerful. There’s a great free app you can get for your phone called dminder and it tells you exactly when you can make vitamin D according to where to are. That’s if the sun’s shining.
Once you’ve had your daily dose I’d advice covering up rather than sunscreens which can actually cause skin cancer, especially if you’re going in a chlorinated pool. The sun also has many other health benefits such as regulating nitric oxide levels which help regulate blood pressure, plus many other things we don’t even know about yet. Nature often gives up the poison and the anecdote at the same time – think of an orange, the juice is the poison because it raises our blood sugar levels, amongst other things and the fibre is the antidote, so eat the whole thing and you get something that tastes amazing and is going to do good too.
Get tested though ( – this is really important to get the full benefits and you will probably need to supplement (costs £15 for a year) or go on a couple of winter sun holidays to somewhere warm! Please share this information as it’s so important. Even now after me talking about this for 10 years I know people who still don’t get the full importance. For crying out load virtually every cell has a receptor site so if we don’t have enough your body can’t function properly!!!
Please bear in mind that the NHS says if your levels are above 50nmol/L then you are ok. Our bodies are designed to have levels around 150nmol/L so 3 times the amount recommended and everything will work so much better if you have optimal levels rather than adequate.
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