End of Elected Mayor in Bay in May 2019

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One of the most inspired ideas that our local Torbay and South Devon Trades Council had was to seek a Referendum on ending the despised by locals  elected mayor role in Torbay that was first put to its Chief Executive in 2011 by us.
Over time it has seen £20,000 wasted on a Single Spanish Palm Tree,A Hi flier Balloon that blew way off Torquay Seafront with some estimated £50,00 owing in Legal Fees,£30m on Consultants Fees, A Wonderfull Landscape Known as Rock Walk to locals be torn down after tree trimming went wrong.
Plus the best of The Mayoral Vision document that cost £70k and now sits in the Fiction Section of the Library.
It took time for all the Political Parties in Torbay to join in the idea but by May 2016 a referendum for once gave the public what it asked for .The last elected mayor Gordon Oliver will leave post in May 2019.What a pity it did not occur in 2010 we may have avoided some of daft and rather silly ideas of the post holders.
Paul Raybould Secretary Torbay and South Devon TC contact 07854675430

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