Falling Leaves

There’s something comforting about walking on falling leaves,
Love nothing more than being out on windy, sunny days!
In late September, I can see the last of farmers’ sheaves,
Enjoy watching the neighbours’ children in their gardens’ play.

After long stroll in café I go for a hot chocolate,
Hastily remove my gloves and my woollen hat.
Eat a sticky bun, being ravenous soon clear my plate!
Through the café window I see the antics of local cat.

Then a long gust of wind whips leaves on ground into a swirl,
The colours are fantastic, vivid red, brown, gold and green.
A dad pulls trolley to his car, sat inside laughing girl,
Believe leaves prettiest sights of the year – best I have seen.

I stand at bus stop and feel a fallen leaf on my head,
Observe as some leaves are floating nearby on the day’s breeze.
Try to reach leaf; it got tangled in my hair, I turn red.
More leaves fall to ground; I hear fellow passenger sneeze.