HORNS by Gill Kirkby


The word “horn” is quite strange, susceptible to change
A projection on the head, and a hard mass
Take a bull by them is bad, it’ll charge when it is mad
Be warned by a french horn always made of brass.

To remove them is “to horn”, they no longer will adorn
How strange, as is another fact
A Narwhal’s horn’s a tooth, it sticks out, that’s the truth
Impaled by one will make a big impact.

On snails they’re stalks for eyes. It comes as no surprise
Grasshoppers and some beetles have them too
A stag beetle horn’s it’s jaw, the strangest thing you saw
And a shoe horn just looks nothing like a shoe.

Horns protect those that are meek, to creatures that are weak
But cars have horns portraying lack of fear
Impatience, warning, anger. A limousine or banger
Speak volumes, with blasts hard upon the ear.

A foghorn’s sound no joke, Cape Horn is not a cloak
A hornbeam’s not a smile, it is a tree
A hornbill is a bird, which often can be heard
Not something to be paid. They’re flying free.

The “horn of plenty”s wealth, well being and good health
The opposite is Satan’s hell and sin
With two horns and forked tail, he’ll try but he will fail
To take you down. Lock horns. He will not win.

Gill Kirkby