It’s like sending ‘lambs to the slaughter” keep your Cats indoors at night.

Dear tt Editors,

It has been reported today (18th February 2019) on Torbay Times Online from Torbay & Teignbridge Cats Protection ‘emails to the editor’ about the distressing details coming through about Cats being tortured in the Roundham area of Paignton.

’ I couldn’t believe what I was reading! Cats ‘having their whiskers burn’t ! Item’s being inserted into their backsides! Cut’s all over their bodies! Having their genitals burnt! and attempts at drowning them!

What the hell is going on! It sounds like something from some sad depraved horror film ! I just can’t believe that we not just having to walk the same streets as this evil person/s but breathing the same air! 

Most Cat lovers will know that to even get a tablet down a cat is a mean feat & it’s usually met with fierce opposition & a few scratches along the way , which leads me to think this horrendous behaviour consists of more than one, one or more holding these poor animals to this unbelievable torture and you know who you are, I don’t know how you live with yourself! I can only hope you don’t get away without being bitten, scratched or harmed yourself!

Another deep concern is the mentality behind this, the police should feel very unsettled at this behaviour, item’s being inserted into their backsides! Burning whiskers, cuts & drowning what is going on in this person/s head, to do this to a cat!

Maybe a few of you don’t care about these beautiful free spirited creatures being mutilated ,but hold on, do you have a dog? are you a parent? if you are either of these or qualify for both then just take a moment out to think how you would feel if your dog or child ended up in the situation where this person/s could take advantage of them and act out their evil behaviour?

As the Cats Protection advised if you live in the area of Roundham don’t leave your Cat out all night, its like sending  ‘lambs to the slaughter” please keep them in at night.

Finally, I ask the Police, please unless you, Torbay Council & animal charities work together to get this person/s caught who knows how what a serious situation this could end up to be.

Mrs F. Kelly Paignton 

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