A kaleidoscope of colours were lighting up the sky as she walked home from the doctors surgery. The middle- aged woman; was enjoying the free spectacular taking place above her head. Smoke was billowing across the road bringing back childhood memories to Linda Hoskins.
She thought of family gatherings, both as a child and with children of her own. There were memories of roasting potatoes in bonfires. The smell of lit rockets as their spent casings fell to the ground. Even the scent of damp grass seemed magical on the Fifth of November!
All of her family had always enjoyed firework night but no-body as much as Linda! Although her children were all adults and lived far from home, Linda would not let that dampen her spirit on her favourite night of the year.
Opening her front door, she headed to her bedroom. There she discarded her receptionists outfit in favour of a pair of black trousers and a light blue jumper. She checked the time on her ticket and finding she had an hour to spare before the display, cut herself a slice of cake to with a much welcome cup of coffee.
After putting on her coat, woollen scarf and gloves, Linda walked towards a growing throng of people at the nearby crowd. She purchased a paper cup of hot soup and went to find the perfect spot to watch the organised event. A family of five were lighting sparklers and in the corner of the field a bonfire was about to be lit.
At seven o clock, a loud whooshing sound from a rocket signalled the start of the evening’s entertainment. Linda’s head turned towards the sky as vivid colours mingled with early night stars. Some of the fireworks were very loud and occasionally the sound of young children, scared and crying among the multitude of oohs and ahs.
Half an hour later Linda hopped, skipped and jumped her way home. Excitement meant she was not aware that the temperature had dramatically fallen in a short time. This became apparent when she nearly slide in to the road from the frosty pavement. Better walk properly for a woman befitting my age she thought but I doubt I will ever be too old for fireworks!