Letters to the Editor: “Intransigent and greedy grasping Torbay Council”

After spending many wonderful holidays on in Paignton and Brixham I now have to declare that after spending another 10 days in Paignton enough is enough, Enough one might ask my reply would have to be the greed, and the the total apathetic response to to local traders who I know have been pleading to the council to reduce parking charges and restrictions. It has cost me a fortune in parking charges over the last 10 days not to mention the frustration of having to carry a war chest of pound coins plus silver to feed the coffers of your Council and the fear of overstaying our allowed time on top of this my wife and I are both Blue Badge holders and have never encountered chargeable parking elsewhere so unfortunately We will have to holiday elsewhere rather than the beautiful English Riviera thanks to the little Freedom of of a totally intransigent and greedy grasping Torbay Council no doubt these words will only serve to get a burning grievance off my chest and totally confined to the electronic trash bin thanks for listening S A Johnstone

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