Lib Dems condemn Torbay Council plans for purchase of Amazon distribution.

Local Lib Dem councillors successfully led the opposition to the Mayor’s Capital Strategy 2019/20 at last night’s Full Council meeting, citing concerns about the council’s potential 15 million pound investment in a distribution centre in Exeter leased to online retail giant Amazon.

Cllr Nick Pentney – Lib Dem councillor for the Tormohun ward in Torquay – led the opposition to the strategy. Nick said: “As a town centre councillor, local business owners tell me how they are really struggling in the face of increased online shopping through the likes of Amazon. Many will wonder why, at a time when the council is failing to properly invest in our towns or deliver basic services, they are investing in warehouses that are leased out to Amazon?”

His fellow Torquay town centre councillor, Mandy Darling, highlighted concerns about the ethics of such an investment. She said: “Serious questions have been raised about working conditions in these distribution warehouses, and also aboutĀ  Amazon’s tax contribution. In view of this, I have strong misgivings about our Conservative-dominated council having a working relationship with them.”

Cllr Nick Pentney added: “I am delighted that we were able to vote this Capital Strategy plan down. I hope it will send a clear message to this Conservative-controlled council that they cannot keep neglecting our town centres.”

Nick Pentney

Mandy Darling

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