Every night she wrote a list of shopping needed and Lucy placed it in her purse. It was Tuesday and she looked in her handbag to put away her bus ticket and to glance at the list. This would help her decide where to dismount from the bus. The list was not in her purse! Lucy searched the various compartments of her bag but had to conclude that it was not present. Perhaps she had left it on the coffee table!
Thinking, Lucy remembered answering a knock on her front door the previous evening. Only a sales-man, she soon shut the door but she knew she was holding the list at the time. The man had handed her some pamphlets, she had put them straight into the swing bin in the kitchen. Lucy thought I expect I threw the list away at the same time!
At seventy-eight, Lucy’s memory was not good. It had reached the stage that her late mother described as her head would not save her feet! Regularly she walked upstairs only to forget what she wanted at the top. Once she went downstairs, she would recall the required object!
Her bus was pulling into the station and Lucy decided to have a coffee in the nearest café. She searched for a final time in her handbag and not finding the list asked a waitress, for a piece of paper. Lucy thought I am sure it was a short list and usual items. If she bought basics like milk, bread and cheese, she could always go shopping again the next day if she remembered what she had forgotten!
Lucy waited with a full carrier bag to start her return journey. After buying her main shopping, she had bought a custard doughnut for a treat after lunch. A tingling started in her nose. Lucy needed to sneeze. She reached into her coat pocket for a tissue and a scrap of paper fell to the ground. Bent down to retrieve it Lucy realised it was her missing list! She noted she had bought every item listed but could not help laughing as she got onto her bus. She thought I realise as I am becoming older I will need two lists every day in the hope that I can find at least one!