My Sister and I


My younger sister and I look nothing alike – a fact!
She, pure grey hair, known as my mother by those without tact.
We do not talk the same, she is common, she calls me posh!
I always eat proper meals; she sometimes calls her food nosh!

I hated driving and was glad to get rid of my car,
While she enjoys motoring, going on journeys afar.
She has green fingers and her plants grow, I do not have one!
I am always pleased garden is neat when grass cuttings’ done!

She has a rotund figure and I have always been beanpole,
As I write this poem, we look nothing alike at all!
I do pray for the person who by words hurts one of us!
For the other will come at person like a two tonne bus!

She has my back, I will forever her big sister be!
Only one to criticise her, get away with it – me!
We may not look alike but in some ways’ we are the same,
Both strong characters who liking taking part in card games.

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