Panic by Mike Swan

One day I was driving rather fast through the center of the town when suddenly right behind me there were blue lights bearing down, I glanced in my rear view mirror and my panic began to rise so I pressed my foot down further with fear in my eyes,I soon was doing 60 with the police car not far behind but was I doing the right thing in my present state of mind, then I realised my stupid behavior, –  I was acting like a clown, so I slowed down and pulled over and wound the window down.

The police car pulled up behind me and an officer got out to speak so I just sat there fearing the worst feeling vulnerable and meek, he said are you aware that you were doing 60 miles an hour what have you got to say for yourself he said with an icy glower.

I said sorry officer I panicked but my excuse is honest and true and when you hear what I have to say you may understand why I flew, you see last year my wife ran off with a policeman by the name of Jack and when I saw the flashing blue lights I thought he was bringing her back.!

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