Please help! do you know who’s doing this?

Dear Editor,

On behalf of Cats Protection , Teignmouth and Torbay Branch, I have been approached by a number of people in Torbay in quite a distressed state after hearing the news about the Cats Of Owners living in the Roundham Road Area Of Paignton, having their pet Cats mutilated by having their whiskers burnt, cuts all over their bodies, items being inserted into their backsides and even having their genitals burnt and attempts at drowning the poor animals .

This situation is totally unacceptable in a civilised community , and needs to be stopped , and if anyone knows who is doing this ,then they should inform the police or any of the Cats Charities there are around in the Bay.

I well remember a couple of years ago when,  in Barcombe Road , Paignton , a Cat was shot , and subsequently died , if Cats are being killed , what next , human beings?

I would suggest that owners of Cats in the areas Of Paignton affected should use a lockable cat flap , to keep their pets in at night , as it seems that Cats are disappearing at night!

Otherwise, please try and keep your pets in at night wherever you live until such time as the perpetrator of these horrific deeds is indeed, caught !

From , Ian Doggett, Publicity for Cats Protection , Teignbridge and Torquay , Group.