Poem: In the Sea

In The Sea

For three weeks’ the sun shone. Every day the temperatures were above average. Sharon remarked to her daughters walking along the sea front; she could not remember when she last went for a dip in the sea! A daughter thought the sea looked very inviting; suggested they meet in three days, have swim, then go out to lunch.

Sharon reached the beach first; met a sad sight – it was low tide! Her two daughters and granddaughter arrived. An idea was to have a drink; wait for the incoming tide. The group walked to the nearest café in sunshine.

Walking back to the beach the family noticed the sea was much closer. Not many people in the sea but the beach was beginning to fill with holiday- makers and locals enjoying the hot weather. Sharon’s granddaughter spotted an available space near the low wall; she ran to claim it while the adults carried various bags with costumes and towels.

“Right!” Sharon called enthusiastically “Let’s see who can be changed and in the sea first!”
“We can take it in turns!” her youngest daughter said “Someone needs to look after our bags, I’ll sit here for now, the rest of you go”.
“Gosh it’s cold! I thought the water would have been warm with the amount of sunlight we’ve had lately!”

After a few minutes Sharon’s granddaughter announced she had had enough and said she would send her aunt down to have a swim.
It had took Sharon a while to pluck up the courage, and get completely sea covered. Small waves headed towards the beach and it was fun swimming. Sharon swam into them and then turned over and began floating.

Soon it was only Sharon and her eldest daughter swimming in the sea. They decided to return to the others’ when a black cloud appeared overhead.
The family dressed and as they made their way from the beach were aware several families were just arriving. Then they heard it, a clap of thunder and rain fell. A heavy storm ensued.

“In future!” said Sharon’s granddaughter “We’d better stick to pools, if this is what happens when we go sea swimming!”
“I agree!” said Sharon “But it was fun! Now I’m starving after my dip, lunch is on me!”