Remember, remember your Cat’s this 5th of November!

Dear Torbay Times,

As November 5th will soon be with us once again , on behalf of Cat’s Protection , Teignmouth and Torquay Group, I would like to mention the following:—

Sights And Sounds Of fireworks can be stressful for Cats .

Ideally keep your Cat indoors at night time. Then it is less likely to come across firework displays  and become “spooked” as a result!

Ideally create a safe place for your Cat, like a Cardboard Box lined with blankets , which Cats find actually  safe to be in especially high up , so place the box on a sturdy top shelf. Play music , or keep the radio on or the television , and these can help the Cat to avoid getting scared from sudden sounds of fireworks! It is possible to use a pheromone plug to diffuse in your house. This can reduce reduce anxiety and create a calming effect . Of course remember to try not to reinforce fearful behaviour by overly comforting a Cat that looks anxious and obviously keep yourself calm , then your Cat will feel more settled too. Finally , if you are keeping your Cat indoors , provide it with a litter tray , food and water bowls , toys to play with , and a place to hide , if it wishes to do so! Also keep Cat flaps , windows and doors closed, to avoid your pet getting scared and then running off! Hope this advice helps ?

Ian Doggett , Cats Protection Publicity Department  for the Teignmouth and Torquay Group,  33, Lammas Lane , Paignton .
01803 555025

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