Sue’s Poems

Dressed for Xmas
Pre-Xmas shopping trip, I’m looking for that dress!
Using my own fashion know how, I’ll look a mess!
But my adult daughter will accompany me,
Because she will not let me a disaster be!

Should I be looking for a plain style or bright hues?
Once Xmas dress is purchased, then, I will need shoes.
The length of dress, think should be below my knees,
I really do believe I am not hard to please!

After two hours looking, finally found the one,
“Try it on” daughter cried “Oh yes that is it mum!”
“It is perfect” I said “It fits like a glove
And to finish here’s court shoes with heel size I love!


A Print Job
I’m not a quick typist, this I’ll admit!
Touch keys, then realise I’ve missed a bit!
One afternoon I’d typed new poem with zest,
Made progress, as work went it was my best!

There’s nothing to do but print words I think!
Easy but my printer was lacking ink.
To replace cartridge should be a simple chore,
I was near machine, sitting on the floor.

‘Oh come on’ I say in my frustration!
‘Come on’ I say in exasperation.
At last, cartridge slips into correct slot,
Finally I could read the results got!


A Christmas Eve Paddle
On Christmas Eve the children were too excited to sleep!
“I don’t think there’s any point in sending them to bed” said Tony “Why don’t we all go for a walk? It’s not frosty this evening and it might tire everyone.”
“What a good idea, let’s give it a go.”
“Never know the gang could sleep in until at least seven in the morning!”
“I doubt that will happen! Better round them up and say what we are going to do!”
“We don’t have to go to bed yet?” asked the youngest child and began to sing
“We’re going on an adventure. Where are we going?”
“It’s a surprise!” said Amanda helping her four young offspring into coats, scarves and gloves. “Yes you do need gloves, I know it is warm now but it will be colder on the way home” she told her eldest child.
“Follow me” said Tony “Stay close, I’ve got a torch with me but the street lights are bright and we can see where we are going!”
The family walked quickly and the little girl asked “Are we going to the beach?”
“Yes, we can see if we can find some washed up shells. Perhaps the best one we could use as a Christmas decoration. After Christmas we can bring it back to the beach.”
“That’s like a treasure hunt mum” the children agreed.
Reaching the beach, the youngest boy ran and put his hand in the sea.
“Mum it feels warm; can we paddle please?”
Amanda looking at Tony, who shrugged his shoulders, replied
“I’ve not brought a towel; I’ve got a small packet of tissues in my bag. You only walk along at the edge of the sea and definitely no kicking! Then we’ll brush sand off with our hands and wipe feet with tissues.”
Tony and Amanda were left with assorted shoes and socks, as children, with rolled up jeans paddled. Not one complained of being cold. By the time the end of the beach was reached each young one was holding a shell. All were different in shapes and size. Tony chose one to take with them and the other three were placed on the sand. Back at home
“I thought the sea looked like it had its Christmas lights on” said the youngest boy.
“Yes the reflections of the promenade lights were beautiful” said Tony “Now everyone pyjamas on while I make some cocoa, then it will be bedtime.”
Christmas morning Tony and Amanda woke to silence.
“What a wonderful idea!” said Tony enjoying his morning cup of tea “Same time next year love?”