The Dream of Acting

The Dream Of Acting

Stars shining in her eyes, she never could disguise
The passion for the stage, her wish to act
This was not a silly game, she dreamt of wealth and fame
At last this dream was now a glorious fact.

Despite the years of trying, disappointment and much crying
At last she was on stage -a leading role
With pride in every word, the audience had heard
The confidence. So happy, she felt whole.

Her parents too were proud, they’d cheered as did the crowd
Supporting actors knew they’d found a winner
The play would be a hit, and later they’d all sit
Delighting in reviews while eating dinner.

Believing in her fate, with baited breath she’d wait
A director from a West End show would call
Dining at the Ritz, she’d have money and the glitz
Proving she had made it after all.

Excitement then cut dead, a ringing in her head
Brought her back to earth, she HAD been dreaming
With all elation shattered, everything that mattered
Was lost. Eyes noticed walls were streaming.

Her home was now one room, no warmth, no love, just gloom
Dark and dank, she had no friends – they’d gone
For now there was no Ritz, no glamour, money, glitz
Tomorrow might change that, the dream lived on.