The local Community and the Keyboard….

The local Community and the Keyboard….
Much has been said about people spending so much time on the computer, and I mean everybody not just young ones. There has also much been said about how we are losing the sense of communities in our towns, cities, and villages. I can honestly say this is not happening in Torbay as I have never known so many communities coming together as here in Torbay, but none the less, people say we are losing our communities, and sometimes due to the Internet?  but are we?? Are we really ??
For what its worth, here is my take on it……..
I believe the Keyboard and the communities can work so well side by side. The keyboard will never replace the community as such, as being face to face with human beings and interacting is what keeps our senses going and keeps us alert, it’s also a human need, but I do think that it can be the keyboard that can provide this coming together and help communities thrive.
It’s no secret that The Global Purple Angel DementiaCampaign would only still be in Torbay as the Torbay dementia action alliance if it wasn’t for the computer and is an example to all what can be done. Without dwelling on that too much I have to say the thousands, if not millions of hours of work that have been put in to make this happen cannot be underestimated, but ?? Can you imagine what could be done if only a tenth of that was done to help local community groups, just imagine that !!
Thing is ?? for this to even happen we have to resurrect those old phrases
 ” Working Together ”  “Joining the dots ” or even ” Continuity” ?? remember them ??
These last couple of years or so its all been about the buzz word “Well Being ” and even jobs being created with those titles !!  No doubt in a couple of years’ time there will be another buzz word, but until this happens I would like to think we can all start to work together on improving local communities and relations.
So, by using the keyboard, and the Communities together what can we achieve?? And the answer is “
But here comes the KICKER  as my friends in the USA say…….
You see it’s not all about the Awards, the Glory the back-slapping and such, it’s not about saying you do when you don’t !!, it’s not about talking the talk then NOT walking the walk, it’s about DOING !! it’s about actually communicating with each other, coming together, swallowing whatever pride you think you have and asking for help. So many community groups out there, and YES I mean in Torbay as well, have so many more people they could help on a higher level if only they asked!!  I will not name certain ones or single anybody out but for example, there are organizations out there that are dealing with people with dementia, even though that’s not what they are set up for, but never ever contact us. They deal with these guys on a daily basis and yet?? The telephone never rings or even worse we don’t see any of them at our Saturday memory cafe because it’s not during Thier OWN working hours??? I only wish dementia only worked nine till five eh??
We have so many community hubs with buildings in Torbay who deal with the elderly and do a fantastic job it has to be said, we would be lost without them, but when we organize a trip out and have between 10 to15 spaces to fill for a great day out somewhere and FOR FREE on a 49 seater coach, we ask all but get few replies?? Why is that ?? Are they too proud ?? are they frightened of losing their regulars,?
We have charities in Torbay that HAVE 100`S AND 100`S OF MEMBERS, and you can guarantee some of them will have dementia at some point and yet ?? We may not have all the answers, but we will always know someone who does, so why don’t they ever get in touch ?? its a mystery to me that`s for sure. I know we can help them so much in so many ways, we have proved to the world by working together on a Global basis we can do so much more, so why can’t we do the same locally?
So, I am going to post this to every community group and charity AND COUNCIL I know in Torbay and offer our help once more in 2020, and as I said sometimes, it’s only via the keyboard as meetings at night, etc are impossible for me now but by entering 2020 with optimism and the feeling that help is only at the end of the keyboard I am sure we can make 2020 the best yet!!
I will keep you posted on any replies I get, or not…..
Norrms Mc Namara
Founder of Global Purple Angel dementia campaign
Started RIGHT here in Torbay