Where’s Grandma?

“Have you seen mum?”
“No, not for ten minutes” replied Jennifer. “I saw her when we got down from the dodgems! I think that was the last time!”
“Yes! I remember” said Janet “She handed back my coat.”
“I know where we’ll probably find grandma!” remarked Jessie. “She loves riding on The Ghost Train.”
“It’s worth a try, you go with your mum and head for grandma’s favourite. I’ll walk over to the toilet block. Let’s find grandma!”
“Ok auntie Jennifer and if we find her, mum will phone you.”
“Come on Jessie, The Ghost train is over in the far corner.”
“Don’t worry mum, you know grandma gets distracted easily. She will have lost track of time. If she’s not at The Ghost Train ride, she will be trying to win a cuddly toy at one of the stalls.”
“How wise you are for someone so young! Look there she is, where you said, she at the front of the queue. Mum what are you doing? We couldn’t find you!”
“Girls I’ve had such fun, been on The Ghost train several times. Must go time to get on, be with you in a minute or two.”
“Well now we know where she is better call auntie Jennifer!”
“Why did you walk off alone?” asked Jennifer re-joining the family group. “You should have told us where you were going!”
“I said to Janet, the ride was over here and she replied we would go on it. I headed off and thought you were following. When I realised you were not behind me I thought I would take my place in the queue because you would know where I had gone!”
“We walked the other way grandma and there are many people standing around the stalls. Mum and auntie Jennifer said you were missing but I was not worried as I knew where you would be. Have you had fun?”
“Yes, at first I went on the ride by myself. I then took on a young boy while his dad watched his baby sister in her pushchair. A lady had twin girls with her and asked if I could go on the ride with one and she took the other.”
“Oh grandma, never ever change” said Jessica giving the older lady an enormous hug.
“Time for an ice cream! My treat girls’ “