Zumba! Update

Hi Guys I’m back again into the routine of work mixed with school holidays- I’m sure a lot of you know where I’m coming from !! We have had the absolute pleasure of a young granddaughter joining us on various occasions this summer, opening our hearts and minds to a world we had forgotten. Easy to forget the other end of life is waiting for us.So it was with some trepidation we decided to take a trip to visit my mother, who has not been well for a number of years, as we had been told she may have another health problem. When we got there we found her in good spirits and almost unaware of any problems – the mind seems to protect us from some things on these occasions .So we had a lovely chat and a cup of tea and buttered crumpet. We came away feeling relieved and glad we made the journey. So if you like me get carried away with life’s demands take some time out you will not regret it I promise. Be seeing you all soon Paul

About the author

Paul and Helen Harrison

Just to put you all “in the picture” so to speak, the accompanying photo is of myself and my other half Helen, who has been with me through thick and thin in my career as a teacher of fitness and dance.

I qualified as a fitness teacher of Exercise to music back in 1990, with the Y M C A going on to teach fitness in many formats eg. Step /Aqua and Zumba.

Zumba took me back to my roots as a dancer. So this has been our passion as much as any other form of exercise, together we demonstrate our love of dance fitness at various charity events throughout the Bay during the year.

It gives us great pleasure to see the fun people have trying out new routines, and the most important thing we find is that no-one is embarrassed or age or shape conscious we all join together in the pleasure of it. Anyone who thinks it is not a serious contender in this age of hard hitting exercise classes should try it ! without giving too much away neither of us is under the age of 60 and still going strong.